Garden Soil / Potting Mix

Bulk Garden Soils

Premium Garden Soil   $64m3

Ready to go garden soil suitable for vegetable and herb gardens, and general home garden plants. 
No need to add fertiliser in the first 3 months.


Commercial Garden Soil   $52m3

Also suitable for the home garden. 
Consists of compost and manure.


Bulk Potting mix  $149m3

Suitable for pots as it is well draining and is a cheaper alternative when requiring a lot of bags of potting mix. 
Contains no fertiliser or compost.


Topsoil  $49m3

Screend sandy loam soil. 
Suitable for filing in holes in the lawn or levelling. 
Also good as a base when laying new turf. 
Not suitable as a garden soil as plants will not grow properly when planted.


Topdress  $69m3

This is a sand based topdressing mixture which provides great drainage and is easy for the lawn to grow through. 
It should be spread over the lawn so the tops of the grass can still be seen.
If applied too thick it can smother the grass.


Bagged Products

We also hold a range of commercially bagged products for your home garden needs sourced from reputable manufacturers of                 garden material.


Blue Ribbon Potting mix 50Ltr


Rocky Point Potting mix 30Ltr
(certified AS3743) $8.99

provides plant nutrition for up to 3 months
contains compost, slow release fertiliser, zeolite,
trace elements and wetting agent



Garden Soil 25Ltr

contains a balanced mixture ot topsoil, organic compost, cow manure, gypsum, slow release fertiliser, natural trace elements and minerals. 


 Active 8 Planting Mix 30Ltr

A well-balanced soil improver and planting mix designed for the home gardener to plant directly into with no fuss. The ingredients include compost, chicken and cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, trace elements, iron, zeolite and humates.

Eco Start Potting Mix 25Ltr  

A high quality blend that meets Australian Standard 3743 for a regular grade potting mix. It provides good aeration, excellent wettability, and contains additives to ensure adequate drainage.

Cow Manure 30Ltr 


composted and ready to use


Chicken Manure 30Ltr

composted and ready to use