Garden Mulch

Garden Mulch

Garden mulches are necessary to reduce water evaporation and for the prevention of weeds.  For optimal coverage – use at 10cm deep.  Mulches also provide nutrition to the soil as they decay and regulates soil temperature.

1 cubic metre of mulch covers 10 square metres (@ 10cm deep)

Cypress Chip $69m3

Termite resistant

Cypress Mulch $88m3

Termite resistant

Pine Bark $84m3

Most common garden mulch

Hoop Bark 25MM $92m3

Great for sloping gardens

Forest Fines $44m3

Breaks down quicker to provide soil nutrition with a professional finish

SoftFall $122m3

Great for kids playgrounds

Coloured Cypress Mulch $140m3

Comes in red, black, yellow, orange and candy apple

Forest Mulch $28m3

Generally eucalyptus and other native trees that have been mulched through a chipper.

Great for large areas on acreage blocks. Batches can vary.

Sugar Cane Bales $8.95

Perfect for vegetable patches and herb gardens

Tea Tree Mulch $76m3

Coloured Hardwood Chip Black $89m3

Hardwood Chip $52m3



Rocky Point Mulching Certified Organic Sugar Cane Mulch is a 100% natural and organic mulch. It provides a simple, safe and cost effective way of maintaining a healthy garden and is perfect for all gardens and pot plants. Made from an organic renewable resource, our signature sugar cane mulch bale is fully dust extracted making it the best quality and cleanest garden mulch available.

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