Pebbles & Gravels

Pebbles & Gravels

Decorative gravels are used in driveways and pathways and as an inorganic mulch in the garden or in your pots. The gravels at Cobblepatch come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit any garden. You can purchase large quantities in bulk or have any product bagged up should you require smaller quantities. The bagged prices start from $7.00 per bag depending on the gravel.

Fruit Salad 20MM $129m3

Crushed rock, with a variety of colours

Candy Stone 20MM $94m3 (currently unavailable)

Crushed rock with a red/pink flavour

River Pebble 20MM $110m3

Rounded river pebble, suitable for driveways & gardens

River Pebble 40MM $110m3

Rounded river pebble, suitable for gardens

River Pebble 80-150MM $110m3

Great for creating a dry river bed, & perfect for Hangi’s

Biscuit Pebble 10MM $130m3 (currently unavailable)

Sandstone, great for pots, gardens, and for creating a Mexican style

Biscuit Pebble 20MM $135m3

Sandstone, great for pots, gardens, and for creating a Mexican style

Red Cobble 20MM $220m3

Crushed decorative rock

White Marble 10MM $220m3

Crushed decorative rock Purchase by the bag $10

White Marble 20MM $220m3

Crushed decorative rock

Bagged Pebbles 20KG Bag $23.95

We stock the Kashmiri range of polished and natural bagged pebbles in a range of colours and sizes. We have a display table in store for you to choose from.

Drainage Gravels

Our Drainage Gravels come in three different sizes, to suit you landscaping needs 50MM $78m3 10MM $78m3 20MM $74m3

Larger Rocks:

Contact us for availability

Mossy bush rocks $121 per pallet Manhandable bush rocks, some even come with moss. Great for features in the garden.

Footballs $175 m3 Larger river rocks, 200mm – 300mm in size

Granite $170 m3 Manhandable size, very decorative

Sandstone $171 m3 Great for features or walls

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