ALC Turf Disclaimer


Our supplier warrants the turf delivered to you in good condition and will rectify any poor supply of turf. The success of the turf post-delivery is dependent on the area having been prepared adequately, timing of laying the turf and post installation maintenance by you.We will supply you with maintenance support information when you place your order. Australian Lawn Concepts also available to you for years to come, if you have any questions or require advice on maintenance.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the variety of turf selected is fit for purpose in the area intended to be turfed. I.e. ensuring a shade tolerant turf is selected for a shaded area.

Post Installation Care:

For best results you MUST water the new turf twice a day for at least 2-4 weeks. This includes on the day of and immediately after installation and all public holidays e.g. Christmas Day if installed within 4 weeks of Christmas. A LOT of Watering is absolutely critical to the survival and establishment of your new lawn.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT allow anyone to walk on the new turf for 2-4 weeks.