Fruit Trees

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Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees are both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden landscape. When cared for right, fruit trees can have you harvesting your own produce and delicious home-grown fruit in no time. 

How do I Start Growing Fruit Trees?

Whilst Fruit Trees are an exciting addition to your garden, they require certain care techniques to grow into a thriving fruit tree. 

Most Fruit Trees require a minimum six hours of sunlight a day to produce their fruit, so having an optimum bright spot to plant your tree is important. They also require a deep hole and healthy soil to grow in. Fruit Trees need to be copiously watered on a regular basis, especially when staking and fruiting. Regular pruning is also needed to maintain your trees compact shape, making harvesting easier. Their fruit can attract animals into your garden who could eat the produce before you get a chance to, so you may need to find a method to protect your tree from pests.

How do I know which Fruit Tree is right for me?

We recommend picking a fruit tree which matches your skill level and conditions it can be grown in. Cobble Patch can consult with you to find the best fruit tree for your specific situation, goals and gardening experience. As a first step, decide what produce you would like to grow at home, and would be willing to put in the work to harvest. From there, establish what space you have available to grow your Fruit Tree and use that as a guide to what trees can be planted. Finally, it’s important to consider what other features you’re after beyond growing fruit, such as lush evergreen foliage or tall heights. 

Understanding these three concerns will help you find a fruit tree right for you.

Fruit Tree for Beginners

For all green thumb rookies, there are a few fruit trees which are easier to care for than others, maximising your chances to harvest delicious fruit. Citrus trees, namely lemons and limes, are often the most popular fruit trees for Queensland climate. They require constant sunlight, regular watering and healthy soil, but are fast growing and rewarding, as they produce fruit generously in their season. Passion fruit is another great beginner fruit tree. As a climber, passion fruit plants are an eye catching addition to your walls or fences best suited for our warm climates. Whilst needing a copious supply of water and nutrients, the passion fruit can be a lush addition to your garden with a rewarding fruit supply.

Can fruit trees be grown indoors?

Most fruit trees grow best when they have access to regular direct sunlight, however, some fruit trees can be grown indoors with the right care techniques. It is recommended that dwarf  varieties are grown indoors as their compact size is better suited. However, planting and growing fruit trees indoors still requires a lot of gardening maintenance to be a success, including lots of water and well drained soil. 

If you want to grow a fruit tree, but don’t have access to an outdoor space, Cobblepatch can help you find a fruit tree suited for the conditions available, by understanding the access to direct sun available and the care you’re willing to invest.