Twin View Turf Disclaimer 


Conditions of Warranty

  1. Due to the perishable nature of turf, your Turf Supplier must receive notification in writing within 8 hours after the turf has been delivered or within 8 hours after turf left the place of purchase specifying any problems with the turf.
  2. As turf is a mass of living plants and is highly perishable. It must be installed immediately upon delivery.
  3. The turf must be installed correctly.
  4. There must be proper ground preparation before installation.

It is acknowledged that the following requirements are understood by you:

  1. An immediate schedule as outlined in the Lawn Solutions Best Practice Guidelines must be activated upon installation of the turf.
  2. You must properly water and maintain the new turf after installation, and strictly adhere to new and ongoing care requirements as identified in Lawn Solutions Best Practice Guidelines.
  3. Lawn Solutions Australia is not responsible for any damaged turf during the establishment period. All new turf should be allowed thirty days growing period before any traffic, including pets, are allowed on the turf. This period may need to be extended in colder periods and your Turf supplier will advise recommended establishment times at time of purchase.
  4. The turf was not burned by the application of a chemical (e.g., fertilizer, insecticide, etc.).
  5. Any and all recommendations by your Turf Supplier to correct the notified problem were followed, and.
  6. The turf was not previously replaced under this Warranty.
  7. This Warranty is not transferable and requires proof of date and purchase.
  8. Winter kill or winter dieback may set in on both existing lawns and new lawns if adequate moisture and prewinter fertilizer is not received. These conditions are excluded from the Warranty.
  9. The benefits of the Lawn Solutions Warranty does not extend to the suitability of any turf cultivations for specific applications unless it has been extended in writing by the Turf Supplier for its suitability to soil types, etc.
  10. That suitable or proper soil preparation is your responsibility prior to the delivery and soil performance factors on turf growth are not covered under this Warranty.
  11. Weed seed and undesirable grass feed can be present in sub-base and soil beds lying dormant for years and germinating when conditions are favorable. Lawn Solutions is not responsible for weeds that occur in your turf after 7 days of delivery.
  12. Turf is a perishable product and requires immediate installation and watering. Lawn solutions will not accept responsibility for conditions after delivery or those conditions beyond our control which lead to growth failure, including but not limited to:
    • Improper, compacted or noxious sub-soil
    • Pre-existing conditions of the area in which the turf is to be installed:
    • Improper installation:
    • Turf not installed immediately upon delivery.
    • Improper watering/lack of moisture.
    • Disease inherent to site:
    • Annual or perennial weeds that develop the installation:
    • Improper maintenance or neglect.
    • Planting in direct shade.
    • Failure to comply with the Lawn Solutions Best Practice Guidelines.
    • Damaged by pets or overuse.
    • Applications of chemicals, fertilisers or insecticides that have detrimentally affected the turf.
  13. Lawn Solutions Australia members may, at their discretion, send a representative to examine your lawn and make recommendations for correcting the problem as an alternative to replacement. If you follow all recommendations and still feel dissatisfied, you can contact the turf supplier again to request re-inspections of the turf.

Limitation of liability

In the event that the turf does not perform to the Lawn Solutions Australia Warranty and subject to the Conditions and Exclusions, to the extent the turf is detective Lawn Solutions will at its discretion:

  • Repair or replace the turf or part of it):
  • Resupply or fix a problem with the turf:
  • Lawn Solutions Australia liability is limited to the re-supplying of the failed turf:
  • Lawn Solutions Australia is not responsible for expenses associated with a Warranty claim.

Congratulations on your purchase.

Dear Valued Customer,

Lawn Solutions Australia is committed to our products. If for any reason you feel there is a problem with your purchased turf, in the first instance contact your turf supplier immediately. All Lawn Solutions Australia turf growers are committed to our product warranty.


Subject to compliance with Conditions of Warranty and Exclusions, Lawn Solutions Australia warrants the turf:

  1. Will be mature and healthy upon delivery and will grow and establish;
  2. Has been inspected in accordance to our policy and guidelines upon harvesting and is warranted to be free of weeds and disease before delivering it freshly cut; and
  3. For a period of 10 years from the date of installation will perform in its new environment subject to the conditions on the back of this certificate are met

It is important to follow laying and care instructions supplied by your Lawn Solutions Australia supplier at the time of purchase.