Compacting Materials

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Concrete blend - blue $115/m3

Concrete blend – blue $115/m3

10mm aggregate mixed with sand/crusher dust. Just add water and cement for your next concreting project

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Crusher Dust - $70/m3

Crusher Dust – $70/m3

A true compacting material suitable for paving, under concrete, or as a base. Suitable for pathways and driveways or even as a rock mineral addition to gardens!

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Decomposed Granite - $69/m3

Decomposed Granite – $69/m3

An attractive crushed and decomposed granite. Suitable for pathways, driveways and feature landscaped / hardscaped areas.

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Roadbase Blue - $79/m3

Roadbase Blue – $79/m3

A CBR45 grade compacting material suitable as a base and great for driveways.

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Roadbase Brown - $69/m3

Roadbase Brown – $69/m3

A CBR15 grade compacting material suitable as a base and great for driveways.

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What types of compacting materials are available

Compact materials can take various forms and what’s right for you depends on what function the material needs to perform. Most compacting materials are the excess from manufacturing crushed rocks. Crusher dust is a popular option, useful for pathways and driveway, which is smoother but not as strong as the road base material.

Where to use compacting materials

Compacting materials can be used in a range of applications, often used as a base under industrial features of your garden, like pathways, driveways or patios. This bedding material is compacted to form a solid base to support the feature which will sit on top.

Can cement be added to compacting materials

It is not uncommon when using compacting materials, to add a supply of cement into the mix before it is applied. Once this is moistened, the addition of cement can make the foundation firmer and more stable. This process is called stabilising.

Do you need to use compacting materials in your garden landscaping

If you are currently designing new elements of your garden and believe compacting materials would be of use, we recommend consulting with the Cobblepatch team to ensure you pick the right material types and apply it correctly.

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