Compacting Materials

Compacting materials for pathways and driveways & landscaping.

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Concrete Blend - blue $125/m3

Concrete Blend – blue $125/m3

10mm aggregate mixed with sand/crusher dust. Just add water and cement for your next concreting project

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Crusher Dust - $75/m3

Crusher Dust – $75/m3

A true compacting material suitable for paving, under concrete, or as a base. Suitable for pathways and driveways or even as a rock mineral addition to gardens!

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Decomposed Granite - $85/m3

Decomposed Granite – $85/m3

An attractive crushed and decomposed granite. Suitable for pathways, driveways and feature landscaped / hardscaped areas.

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Roadbase Blue - $79/m3

Roadbase Blue – $79/m3

A CBR45 grade compacting material suitable as a roadbase/base layer and great for driveways

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Roadbase Brown - $74/m3

Roadbase Brown – $74/m3

A CBR15 grade compacting material suitable as a roadbase/base layer and great for driveways.

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Bulk Roadbase

Roadbase is a mix of small crushed rocks and stone dust that packs down really well to make a strong base. It’s great for use in places where you need a solid layer, like for building driveways, under concrete slabs, roads, shed bases, or paths. Roadbase is a rough and tough kind of material, perfect for laying down before you put in paving, driveways, or walls, to make sure everything stays level and strong

Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust is like a finer version of roadbase – it’s made from crushed stone and is really fine, almost like a powder. You can pack it down hard and use it as a base layer for lots of different projects. While it’s not the best pick for under pavers (we usually suggest roadbase for that because it drains better and has less minerals that could cause white marks), it’s great for a lot of other applications. You can use it under concrete slabs, artificial grass, for making paths, or preparing for pavers and driveways. It’s a budget-friendly choice that gets really firm and solid when compacted, making it a reliable base for these kinds of jobs. Sometimes people call it blue metal dust, cracker dust, or quarry sand.

Decomposed Granite

Deco, or decomposed granite, is a type of crushed yellow/golden granite that’s fine and can be packed down tight. It’s often used for driveways or paths where you want something that looks good but is still firm. You can mix it with cement to make it even stronger and more lasting, with a common mix being 8 parts Deco to 1 part cement. This mix keeps it tough but still lets water through and keeps its gritty, natural look. When you add cement, it might change the colour a bit, so it’s a good idea to use Off White Cement to keep the colour change minimal.

Concrete Blend

Concrete Blend is a ready-to-go mix of sand and 10mm gravel that’s perfect for all sorts of concreting jobs, just by adding cement powder. It’s a high-quality mix, ideal for things like slabs, driveways, footings, post holes, and filling blocks. It’s important to choose a good blend, as some cheaper options are just made from leftovers in concrete trucks and aren’t as high quality. Our blend is a balanced mix of two parts gravel to one part sand. When you’re ready to make concrete, just mix 4 parts of this blend with 1 part cement, or use 17 bags of 20kg cement for every 1.8 tonnes of blend. The blend looks like light brown sand and has pieces of tan to dark brown gravel in it.

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