Hedging and Screening

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Hedging and Screening

Hedging and Screening plants give you instant privacy for your property. They are are a fantastic way to create “screening” in your garden, whether from the street or surrounding properties, and can also help block out the sun and wind.

What plants are best for hedging and screening?

Often, the landscape determines which type of privacy plant will suit. Tall-growing plants will help create natural privacy screens, whereas smaller ones can be planted to form a hedge that won’t completely obscure your home’s façade.

Talk to our team today for advice on which plants is best suited for your hedging or screening needs.

Hedging or screening plants. What’s the difference?

Although they sound the same, hedging and screening have some subtle differences. It just depends on your needs.

A screen is typically less formal in design than a hedge, made up of more individual plants, rather than a dense block of foliage

A screen commonly requires less maintenance than most hedges, which usually need several trimmings throughout the year to keep them in a tight shape.

Hedges provide total block-out while screens break a view (from a particular window for example).