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Ferns are a beautiful and relatively easy plant to grow and maintain. They’re also highly hardy plants, and will thrive even in shady and low-lit areas.

While they lack flowers there is such a huge diversity of form and growth habit that you can continue to find new and unusual varieties for a lifetime.

Do ferns like sun or shade?

Ferns prefer to grow in places where they will get at least some sun during part of the day or where they will receive dappled sunlight most of the day. Most ferns will not grow best in very dense shade, they need a bit of sun throughout the day.

How do you take care of ferns?

When grown indoors, ferns require basic care: pot in well-draining soil, place in medium light, keep the soil moist and mist on occasion.

When grown outdoors, ferns require soil enriched with compost, which will retain moisture yet allow air and water to flow reducing the risk of waterlogging. Outdoor ferns will require extra water in hot, dry or windy weather.