Battle the Grubs and Guard the Lawn!

26 June 2024

Have you treated your lawn for lawn grubs recently?

When lawn pests invade your lawn, you’re likely to see brown patchy areas, wasps hovering over your grass or whole sections of lawn dying off. This can happen quickly and incur a lot of damage!! This is why we recommend using Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide for preventative control against a large range of common lawn pests. It is powered by Acelepryn making it an extremely safe and environmentally friendly product to use.
The long residual performance of Grub Guard Ultimate will provide up to 6 months of protection!! It prevents and treats a broad range of lawn pests including:

  • Lawn Armyworm
  • Lawn Curl Grub (African Black Beetle Larvae)
  • Argentine Stem Weevil
  • Billbug Larvae
  • Sod Webworm

Not sure if the issue really is lawn grubs? Here’s an easy way to make sure you are treating the right thing…

Fill a 20L bucket with hot soapy water (any dishwashing soap will do) pour over a small section of the lawn. The grubs will come to the surface if they are present.
Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide is a ready-to-use spreadable insecticide granule. Measure the lawn area before application to determine size then weigh the amount of granules (average adult handful is 50g) to apply over the area. Evenly spread granules over the lawn either by spreader or hand application.
Grub Guard Ultimate will provide you all the ongoing protection you need. Think of it as well needed insurance for your lawn!!