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Bulk organic garden soils by the shovel, bucket, barrow or cubic metre! Fill your trailer or we can load or deliver! Call us today to order your soil/potting mix.

Premium Garden Soil - $79/m3

Premium Garden Soil – $79/m3

Ready to go premium garden soil suitable for vegetable and herb gardens, and general home garden plants. Compost and manure enriched.

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Ultra Garden Soil - $89/m3

Ultra Garden Soil – $89/m3

Ready to go ultra garden soil suitable for vegetable and herb gardens, and general home garden plants. A fine, sandy garden soil, compost and manure enriched.

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Commercial Garden Soil - $69/m3

Commercial Garden Soil – $69/m3

General purpose entry level garden soil suitable for the home garden. Consists of soil and composted mulch.

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A Grade Underturf  - $74/m3

A Grade Underturf – $74/m3

Top grade sandy underturf mix with organics. Perfect for laying turf and filling holes in the lawn.

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Underturf - $64/m3

Underturf – $64/m3

Screened topsoil with sand added. Suitable for laying turf and raising up to required levels for filling holes in the lawn but not suitable as a top dressing soil.

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USGA Grade Topdress  - $97/m3

USGA Grade Topdress – $97/m3

90% USGA certified washed sand with 6-10% organic compost & manure added. Provides great drainage and is easy for the lawn to grow through. It should be spread over the lawn so the tops of the grass can still be seen. Perfect for filling holes and/or levelling the lawn.

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What is potting soil?

Potting soil will be some part soil, dirt and usually sand. Heavy in feel, potting soil is often packed with minerals and organic matter, meaning it is not sterile. It usually contains pathogens, such as fungi or weed seeds. Most frequently, potting soils refers to any plant medium which has dirt.

What is potting mix?

Potting mix, on the other hand, does not contain soil. Light-weight and fluffy in feel, potting mix has been made to maximise the growth of your plants, including components to improve the plants aeration and drainage. Where potting soil can be used widely, potting mixes have often been developed to be effective for one type of plant only. Potting mix provides a much more controlled medium to grow specific plants, dense in nutrients and free of pathogen.

Why is my garden’s medium so important?

Picking a soil or mix right for your garden’s needs is crucial to maintaining its health and growth. There are three main responsibilities of your garden’s medium: nutrients, oxygen and stability. Your garden’s medium needs to be able to store the right amount of water and nutrients around the roots. Oxygen flow is another important part of a garden’s medium to avoid the roots from rotting. Making sure the root system can breathe can ensure the health of the plant. Finally, it’s important to use a soil or mix which can support your garden’s stability and anchor the plant so it can stay upright and growing. Consulting with Cobblepatch can make sure you use a soil which maximises these three areas to optimise the health and growth of your garden.

Which one is right for you?

Deciding whether to cultivate your garden with potting soil or potting mix depends upon your needs and your garden’s needs. Potting soil provides a standard soil type which you then need to modify to compliment the plant you are trying to grow. Potting mix alternatively, has been purposefully designed to optimise the growth of said plant. If you are looking to create a more eco-friendly and natural garden, potting soil is an inexpensive option, which is still fertile. Potting mix however, is artificially constructed and less affordable, but more beneficial for your plant’s growth.

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