Native Plants

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Native Plants

We stock plenty of Australian native plants and trees to attract wildlife and bees to your garden!

If you’re looking for “native plants in Brisbane” or a “native nursery near me” then you’ve found the right place! At Cobblepatch Nursery we have a great range of Australian native plants perfect for your garden!

What plants are native to my area in Australia?

For specific information on locally native plants or native flowers in your area, you can contact your local council and they will have lists of species. Plants native to Queensland include Wattles and Eucalypts. Other popular plant species in QLD are myrtles, pea flowers and over 600 species of grasses. Once you know the best native Australian flowers and plants for your area then visit our native nursery in Logan. Make the drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, we’re worth it!

How do I start an Australian native garden?

The best way to start your native garden is by sourcing the plants native to your area. Within each area of the country you’ll find plants specifically adapted to windy escarpments, protected gullies, desert or rainforest. A successful native garden is informed by the conditions available and not vice versa. And don’t forget that just because a plant is “Australian”, it doesn’t mean it can’t become a weed outside its native zone. If you need help choosing your favourite native flowers then visit our native nursery in Logan, our team will be happy to help!

How do you take care of native Australian plants?

People tend to think Australian natives and native flowers are set and forget plants. While they’re not difficult to take care of, they do need a little help. A light prune after flowering is good to keep them in shape, and you’ll want to water them to survive dry periods, especially when they’re young. If you want to learn more about caring for native Australian flowers and plants then talk to the friendly team at our Logan nursery. We’re happy to show you our favourite native Australian plants and care tips and tricks!

What can I plant in a native garden?

The Sunshine state is the best place to plant a native garden. Did you know nearly half of all the plants known to grow in Australia can be found in Queensland! For the specific species to plant in your garden, you can consult your local council who should have a list of the plants native to your area. By growing local plants in your garden you will help to support native wildlife, providing food and shelter for many animal species big and small. If you’re looking for a “native nursery near me” then visit our native nursery in Logan! Or make the drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, our friendly team will always be happy to talk about plants!