What outdoor plants last all year round?

Plants that maintain a healthy and vibrant appearance all year round are particularly important when it comes to combining landscaping and gardening. Plants that don’t lose their leaves at the onset of cold weather are called evergreens. This means that year-round colour within the garden is not limited to trees. Many low growing perennial plants and shrubs are also evergreen in nature. Depending upon the hardiness of the plant, many gardeners are able to plan flower gardens that maintain foliage throughout the cold portions of the year. Some nice evergreen shrubs for your garden include the Thuja plant, Yuccas and Kangaroo Paw.

What outdoor plants do not need sunlight?

You don’t have to worry if you have an area in your home that lacks sunlight, there are plenty of plants who enjoy the shade. In fact, plenty of annuals, perennials, and tropicals can thrive in the shade. Whether you want to brighten up those dim corners in your yard or liven up a spot in the shadow of a large tree, these shade-loving flowering plants happily grow where their full sun counterparts won’t. For outdoor plants that don’t need much sunlight try Parlor Palms, Dracaenas, Bromeliads and Sword Ferns.

What are the easiest outdoor plants?

If you’re new to landscaping or you don’t have a lot of time for plant care, you can still have a great-looking yard by choosing easy plants to grow. Some of the easiest outdoor plants to grow include Agave, Lilly Pilly Trees, Desert Rose, Zinnias and Philodendron xanadu. Even if your outdoor area is a bit challenging like planting under trees, don’t worry, there are plenty of groundcovers, perennials, and even small shrubs that do well under trees and in hard places. So whatever your garden situation is like there will be an easy outdoor plant that suits it!

What are the best outdoor potted plants?

Not all plants are made equal and only some can survive in pots for long periods of time. Talk to us in our nursery yard if you’re looking for the best outdoor potted plants. Popular options include Golden Sword and Golden creeping Jenny. If you’ve not got a lot of space on the ground but you do have room a little higher then you can also consider outdoor hanging plants. Hanging plants are an innovative way to add greenery to any space, including patio, porch or backyard. Plus, planters are easy to care for!