We have a range of cement, concretes, mortars and additives to suit any garden project.

General Purpose Cement $6.85 per bag

White Cement $11.95 per bag

Off white cement $13.95 per bag

Premixed Concrete $8.95 per bag

Postmix $7.95 per bag

Rapidset $9.80 per bag

Mortar Mix $9.45 per bag

Tilers Loam $8.20 per bag

Hydrated Lime $16.00 per bag

Fireclay $18.70 per bag

Brickies Mate Plasticiser 1ltr $19.95

We also have a range of coloured oxides for colouring your concreting projects.

Black Oxide $16.95

Gold Oxide $16.95

Sandstone Oxide $16.95

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