Please get in touch with us to place a turf order. Turf can be picked up from our yard if you only require a small amount, or we can arrange delivery for a fee of $105.

Sir Walter Turf - $12.95 Per SQM - Each Piece 120cm x 60cm

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is Australia’s favourite lawn; it’s easy to maintain, stays green all year round and is very drought tolerant. Characterised by it’s broad leaf and thick root system, Sir Walter forms an incredibly soft top layer, creating a cosy and comfortable foundation for your outdoor living space. Ideal for homes with children, family pets, shaded areas and sunny backyards, Sir Walter is the most versatile lawn option for the Queensland climate. Look forward to spending quality time outside, with this worry-free luxurious lawn!

Nullabor Couch - $6.25 Per SQM - Each Piece 120cm x 60cm

Nullarbor Couch is a popular choice for homeowners choosing a lawn that presents value for money, bearing lower upfront cost. Best suited for areas receiving 7-8 hours of direct sunlight per day, this fine leaf variety is a summer stunner – showcasing a deep green colour and tidy appearance. When mown regularly to a height of 15-20mm in Summer and 20-30mm in Winter, in return you will get a tidy manicured lawn to complement your outdoor living space.

Tif Tuf Turf - $14.40 Per SQM

Tiftuf is a dynamic fine leaf hybrid bermudagrass with a long list of high performance features. This shade tolerant, wear, drought, heat, weed, pest and disease resistant grass variety is the new and low maintenance grass of the future. It can handle sun and shade and is the best overall performer for the SEQ climate. It does need 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day. It responds well to regular mowing and need seasonal application of fertiliser.

Sir Grange - $23.90 Per SQM

Sir Grange is a fine leaf zoysia grass that offers total luxury with its top of the line features. It has a slow lateral growth habit that creates a compact surface with exceptional coverage. It requires minimal maintenance and mowing but does need seasonal fertilising. It can handle sun and shade and will need at least 2- 3 hours of direct sunlight a day to thrive.

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